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Jun 21, 2024
Put the sky roof on. If you are considering one here's the info I wish I had before I spent the money:
- blacks out front roof. I don't like glass roofs (I put shades on my Tesla and Rivian R1S).
- easy to open. Flip two handles and pull back
- less T-top squeaking/creaking noise
- not sure if it is truly weather tight, seems like there may be a potential leak
- the cross bars for the door jamb seem way over sized and they look bad
- in open position it sticks above roof ~6" so if you are like me a tight to get into the garage - it will need to be closed to park in garage.
- I had hopes of it being more open area than it is
- looks like a pain to install and remove, I had plans to swap roofs for winter season
- my biggest complaint: Closed and over 60mph it gets loud - like really loud. You won't be able to have a phone call over 70mph and it would be real hard to have a conversation with any passenger over 80mph. I'd probably return if I could due to the noise.
Is the sky roof an OEM option, or is this an aftermarket solution? Can you share a link to it?
It is on GMC's accessories site and looks like they increased the price almost $700 when I bought it. - shoot, maybe I'll cut you a discount!

Thanks for the link! I have seen that type of top for Broncos and Jeeps, but not for the HEV.