Lifestyle Adventure Package


New member
May 13, 2024
I am new to this forum, but wanted to get everyone's thoughts on what I can do with the Lifestyle Adventure Package that came with my new 2024 EV Hummer. The truck I wanted (i.e., color, wheels interior, illumination package, wheels, etc.) came with the Lifestyle Adventure Package (High Country 80" Premium Tent by Freespirit Recreation, Elevate Telescoping Rack by Advantage, and Roof Cross Rail Package). I highly doubt I will ever use it, and wanted to get some ideas for the best way to list it for sale? From what I have gathered is these are on backorder from GMC, so I am hopeful somebody wanted this package for their EV Hummer (or other vehicle as I think it could still work for other trucks with the exception of the Roof Cross Rail Bars) but was not able to get it. I am not looking to get what I paid for it ($5,500 upgrade!), even though it is 100% brand new in its original packaging from GMC.