2,439 GMC Hummer EV Units Were Built In July 2023


Insiders have revealed that in July 2023, a total of 2,439 GMC Hummer EVs rolled off the production lines. This brings the cumulative number of units manufactured since regular production commenced in 2021 to 16,088. For the current year— from January to July 2023—GM has assembled 11,058 Hummer EVs, which encompasses both the Pickup and SUV variants.

Production levels in July 2023 marked a decline from previous months, with June registering 2,750 units and May contributing 2,590. June 2023, in fact, holds the record for the highest monthly output of GMC Hummer EVs since production began in October 2021.

Source: GMCAuthority
I'm pretty surprised by those total production numbers. I think in the last two years I've only seen two Hummer EV Trucks in the wild on the road. For about 28,000 units produced, you would think they would be seen a lot more than they are.