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    Meteorite Metallic Hummer EV Truck Thread

    I've heard a lot of good things about those Recon Grapplers. I'd be interested to know if that has any impact on range.
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    Meteorite Metallic Hummer EV Truck Thread

    Welcome to the forum! Looking good!
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    Hummer EV 2x SUV in Transit

    Looks like we are about to see 2x SUVs hitting dealer lots soon!
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    Extended Warranty on the Hummer EV?

    Looking for suggestions on the purchasing the extended warranty on the Hummer EV. I generally never keep a vehicle past 3 years, but the Hummer EV could be different.
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    Meteorite Metallic Hummer EV Truck Thread

    The official Meteorite Metallic Hummer EV Truck Thread!
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    Interstellar White Hummer EV SUV Thread

    First photo I've seen of a Hummer EV SUV in Interstellar White.
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    2025 Hummer EV with Apple Car Play?

    I remember last year GM said they were planning of removing Apple Car Play from their future EVs. Does anyone know if the 2025 Hummer EV will have it? That could be a good reason to jump on a 2024 model.
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    Painted spare tire carrier cover

    For anyone looking to black out the spare tire carrier cover on the Hummer EV SUV, A can of SEM TRIM Black will do the job.
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    Hummer EV SUV - new $1299 Lease Deal

    GMC Is now offering what appears to be a solid deal on a lease for a new Hummer. $1,299/MONTH for 36 months. $2,533 due at signing (after all offers). Tax, title, license, and dealer fees extra. $0 security deposit. Mileage charge of $0.25 /mile over 30,000 miles at participating dealers. I...
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    HUMMER EV SUV HUMMER EV PICKUP Wheelbase (in. / mm): 126.7 / 3218 135.6 / 3445 Vehicle length w/o spare (in. / mm): 196.8 / 4999.5 216.8 / 5507 Width w/o mirrors (in. / mm): 86.5 / 2196 86.7 / 2201 Width w/ mirrors (in. / mm): 93.7 / 2380 93.7 / 2380 Max ground clearance (in...
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    Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 Owners Thread

    If you are one of the proud Hummer EV Edition 1 SUV Owners, let us know in this thread!
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    Hummer EV Truck 2x vs 3x Towing Capacities

    The Hummer EV 2x truck sees a significant increase in its towing capacity and payload capabilities. It's capable of towing 12,000 pounds, which is 3,500 pounds more than the Hummer 3x truck. In addition, the 2x model boasts a payload capacity of 1,485 pounds, surpassing the 1,300-pound payload...
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    Toyo announces the Open Country A/T III EV

    The all-new Toyo Open Country A/T III EV is a cutting-edge EV-specific all-terrain replacement tire designed to increase the capability of today’s most popular EV trucks and SUVs. The innovative aerodynamic and rolling resistance features, such as a sidewall AeroWing™, advanced tread compound...
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    Hummer EV with the NACS connector?

    Has anyone heard when GM will switch production to the NACS connector on Hummer EV builds? I'm hoping my 2x build will have it.
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    Hummer EV Truck vs Cyber Truck

    Another breakdown/comparison video from E for Electric:
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    Deep Aurora Metallic (Dark Bronze) Hummer EV Photos

    I haven't seen any actual photos of the Hummer EV in that color, but here's Deep Bronze Metallic on a brand new GMC Canyon AT4 that appears to be close:
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    Hummer EV Truck vs Cyber Truck

    Good comparison video of the Hummer EV, Rivian R1T, and F150 Lightning from Out of Spec Reviews.
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    Hummer EV Truck vs Cyber Truck

    Tesla has really taken over the headlines with the Cyber Truck over the past month. However, I'm still not a fan of the looks.
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    Hummer EV - Extended Range Option?

    While playing around with a new Hummer EV build this morning I noticed a new option for the extended range option. The extra range is quite impressive!
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    Hummer EV Truck Topper / Camper Shell

    Has their been any discussion on a truck topper or camper shell for the Hummer EV truck?